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Katy, 19 lbs lost


Success Stories

  • Meet Jen

    My background is in health and wellness. I spent 20+ consulting with men, women and young aspiring athletes on proper nutrition, health and weight management. I was constantly being asked if there was a natural weight loss product on the market which I approve of that actually works. Since my philosophy has always been whole plant-based foods for overall homeostasis in the human body, I was never able to get behind a natural weight loss product that did not create negative side effects.

    I was introduced to TrimVana late last year. After reviewing the data and human clinical study results, I became convinced this product very well could be the “skinny pill” the natural weight loss market has been waiting for.

    I began taking 100mg each day and have continued for the past 4 months. Not only have I lost 10 pounds, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in appetite, took three inches off my waist, considerably less joint pain, more mobility and greater mental focus. I really didn’t think one product could address all of these areas of concern for me. I feel healthier than ever and I attribute this to an overall balance in managing homeostasis in my body. Thank you TrimVana for creating a ground-breaking plant-based weight loss product which also does so much more!

    Jenn Mondschein
    Health and Wellness Advocate
    10 lbs lost

  • Meet Andrew

    I started this journey at 222 lbs, hating diets I thought this would be a great fit for me. After two days I found myself less hungry, not finishing my meals, while still feeling energized.

    After only 10 days I was down 5lbs, that was the moment I decided I needed to keep going. This was working. I was eating some of my favorite foods and still seeing the weight drop. After 90 days I was 209 lbs, that’s 12 lbs lost without changing my lifestyle. Even my physician checked my numbers and said they have had improved since my last visit. TrimVana helped me make better choices without guilt or sacrifice.

    Andrew Perry
    Business Expert
    12 lbs lost

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Jenny V.

Verified Customer

Love this product!

Every aspect of the program has been better than I expected. My coach (Derrick) is encouraging and non-judge mental. The medication WORKS and I’ve been able to lose 15lbs. I am only 6lbs from my goal weight. I have a ton of energy, look and feel better than I have in YEARS and I’m just happy! Thank you, TrimVana, you were the answer to my prayers.

Jackie L.

Verified Customer

Changed my life.

This has not been a diet, it has been a complete lifestyle change! The support I have received from the TrimVana coaches has been incredible. It has brought about a complete metamorphosis! This product has allowed me to tackle the most challenging obstacles of losing weight without even realizing I was doing it. So happy I found this product.

Marco I.

Verified Customer

First program that works for me!

TrimVana gives you all the tools to succeed. The Coaching staff helps you through the whole process and help with any questions about the product. Within the first few days, I had more energy and found myself not being able to finish my meals. I would recommend this to everyone struggling with weight loss.

Natalie B.

Verified Customer

I feel great!

I love the ease of the quiz, consultation, and the recommended products. Easy monthly payments. Having a coach also really helps keep my goals in perspective and she always has great right now advice!

Steph R.

Verified Customer

Good Company

The coaching team has been incredibly supportive to my changing needs. The product is AMAZING. My cravings are gone and I have lost 10 lbs in the first 3 months, without any lifestyle changes. The cost is reasonable for what is included and the results fit.

Ramon P.

Verified Customer

Losing weight!

I’ve lost weight that I’ve carried around for YEARS. I’m just hoping to continue the plan until I reach my goal!